by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein’s Denver operations, located in Northglenn, Colorado, have officially relocated to Louisville, Colorado, to be housed under roof with Servtech, Inc., a Roeslein company.

Throughout quarter one of this year, Servtech has wrapped up its ongoing renovations and expansion. Roeslein’s Louisville operations now have 3,200 square feet of new office space and a complete remodel of its existing office space. There are 15 new offices, three new conference rooms, a new reception and waiting area, 24 new cubicles, and a second-floor mezzanine for future expansion.

The manufacturing team also re-examined its manufacturing flow process and extended crane bays to open up an additional 1,600 square feet of under-crane assembly space. This transition will allow 2-4 more facilities to be assembled at any given time by optimizing space.

In addition to the new office space, Servtech built a 2,400-square-foot dedicated stainless steel manufacturing room. It will be populated with Orbital, MIG, and TIG welding stations. The goal will be to bring this online in June 2023. This space will be dedicated to welding stainless steel piping for biogas, traditional oil and gas, and pharmaceutical projects.

Tapping into the regional framework Roeslein has built, the team at Servtech is working closely with workers at Roeslein Modular Fabrication (RMF), out of Red Bud, Illinois, on a variety of projects. Having the manufacturing capabilities of RMF will allow Servtech to take on projects they could not have committed to in the past. The ability to scale up rapidly will be a tremendous advantage over competition.

“Having joint resources with Roeslein and Servtech has proven to be a very effective tool. In the short time since Roeslein acquired Servtech, we have been able to share resources with them in both professional services and manufacturing,” said Chris Broadfoot, Vice President of Servtech. He continued, “This has allowed us to react faster to the growth we have seen in the oil and gas market without bringing on and training as many new employees.”

Servtech is also expanding its Operational Services group at the request of its clients. In the past, its Operational Services group was focused on commissioning support for the equipment they manufactured and repair services. The company has been asked to expand on this group to provide quarterly preventive maintenance plans for many sites on which Servtech has equipment. Having over 1,500 facilities in just the DJ Basin alone, the potential for growth is tremendous.