by Roeslein Roeslein

Roeslein is proud to announce the promotion of Dr. Gangwei Wu as the new Vice President of Global Manufacturing. Over the past ten years, Gangwei has spearheaded our Asia operations, growing our Shanghai team from a seed to over 100 employees and $30+ million in annual revenue.

Divisional President of Manufacturing Rob Campbell said, “Gangwei’s promotion is extremely well deserved! Since its inception, he has led the Shanghai operations, even through the pandemic when he was stuck in the US. He had trained his team on how to execute operations, and they were able to step in and lead the ship with him abroad. It was remarkable to see this happen in real-time. This type of leadership and commitment is what we are excited to see him bring to the table in his new role.”

Previously, Gangwei worked as director and Vice President of Roeslein Asia, where he managed projects and client/supplier relationships. In this role, Gangwei also focused on developing the local professional service group and manufacturing capacity to better support the canmaking business in China and Asia.  

“I plan to leverage my experience working with the Shanghai location to replicate that success and growth across all international offices,” Gangwei stated. “For any new location to be successful, you need someone to act as a bridge that understands their culture, their values, and how they run a business. Once you have this bridge and this understanding, you can slowly introduce company culture and policy in a way that is absorbed rather than forced.” 

Gangwei continues to lead Roeslein’s Shanghai location through the challenges brought by COVID-19. Recently China experienced a spike in COVID-19 cases, and the Chinese government enforced a citywide lockdown in Shanghai. In response, 41 Shanghai employees volunteered to spend the duration of the lockdown inside the plant to continue closed-loop production until the restrictions were lifted so that they could once again commute from their homes. 

“We are so grateful and so fortunate that almost half of our manufacturing workforce volunteered and was willing to sleep in the plant to continue operations,” said Gangwei.  

In addition to overseeing the Asia operations, Gangwei will now be providing direction to Roeslein’s other international manufacturing facilities in Debno, Poland, and São Paulo, Brazil. Gangwei’s primary focus will be on Procurement, Project Management, and Engineering Design Coordination. Roeslein looks forward to his guidance and support as the company continues to expand in South America and Europe. 

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