by Roeslein Roeslein

With the increase of international shipping costs and high demand for beverage cans, the ability to provide professional services on a regional level has become more critical than ever. The global demand for beverage containers is increasing at an exponential rate, with varying impacts on worldwide markets. Current events in the industry are causing suppliers from around the world to adapt and rethink their strategy.

Roeslein‘s team of professionals across its worldwide offices and manufacturing locations have completed projects in more than 60+ countries across six continents. With more than 900,000 sq. ft of global fabrication space, Roeslein is ideally positioned to support this demand by providing unitized solutions to a global client base via truck, rail, or sea. Over the last decade, it has implemented changes to its organizational structure by forming three regional divisions aimed to align company values and standards while increasing global capacity for regional manufacturing and support.

Roeslein Asia is strategically located in Shanghai, China. This location offers regional distribution to China, Asia, and the world with a fully-staffed engineering office, and the same manufacturing capabilities and unitized preassembly construction approach as its U.S. subsidiary in Red Bud, Illinois, USA. Its experienced staff is augmented with resources from its U.S. and U.K. offices to ensure the same level of quality control and operational standards that make Roeslein a proven leader in implementing projects globally.

Another location contributing to Roeslein’s global logistics success is Roeslein & Associates, Poland. It is located in Southern Poland, 65 kilometers from the second largest city – Krakow. This location allows for deliveries to be made by land, sea, and air, providing ample opportunity to meet and respond to clients’ needs. Roeslein’ Poland facility provides products and services for projects in Europe, including France, Spain, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands.

Centrally located in the United States, Roeslein’s Red Bud, Illinois, USA will have shipped almost 3,000 containers within the past 3 years by the end of 2020. These shipments have been sent to project sites worldwide, serving an array of different industries. Roeslein’s global logistics have played a vital role in these projects’ success by providing a regional supply of products and services, quicker response time, and a more economical approach by reducing travel and other incidental costs.

To continue supporting Roeslein’s twenty-year customer base in South America, Roeslein Brazil was registered in Guarulhos-SP Brazil, in 2019. This location employs full-time Brazilian employees from the industry and is supported by Pride Conveyance Systems in Hollister, CA, and Roeslein St. Louis. With four successful projects completed this year and a healthy backlog into 2021, Roeslein Brazil is on target to become a premiere supplier in the region.

Upon the recent acquisition of Sager Metal Strip Company, now Roeslein Michigan City, Roeslein will expand its conveyance manufacturing capabilities to better serve its clients in a time when the global demand for aluminum beverage cans is unprecedented. This acquisition will enable Roeslein to further expand its production capabilities for the Pride Conveyance line of products and services.

Through strategic global expansion, Roeslein is well positioned to help its clients meet the increasing global demand for aluminum beverage containers. Roeslein is committed to the safety, quality, and efficiency of its proven unitized and preassembled approach to total systems integration.