by Roeslein Roeslein

This June, Roeslein & Associates, Inc. celebrated Roeslein Global Safety Month with a series of activities designed to align with the National Safety Council’s Safety Month calendar. Each of Roeslein’s 10 global facilities participated in this year’s event.

“We really wanted to make sure that all of our facilities were able to have a meaningful way to participate in the safety month activities,” said EHS Director, Ryan Kirkpatrick. “We have a wide variety of work environments ranging from office, manufacturing, field work, and most recently have incorporated more remote workers into our company. The program we developed allowed us to be inclusive of each working environment.”

Roeslein had a full schedule of events for the month, following the weekly themes set up by the U.S. National Safety Council: ongoing safety concerns, preventing incidents before they start, diversity and inclusion in safety, and continuous improvement. Roeslein employees participated in group stretching, listened to a safety podcast, completed a safety word find, signed a Safety Pledge, and held an evacuation drill to focus on continuous improvement.

“I was excited to be a part of Roeslein’s Global Safety Month’s podcast and the opportunity to shed light on the need for diversity and inclusion with PPE,” said EHS Specialist Lisa Le. “Ensuring that we have inclusive PPE for our diverse workforce helps to ensure a proper fit and that we are truly providing a safe working atmosphere for all of our employees. Women in construction are often offered a smaller size in a unisex item, and that does not always offer the best fit and protection.”

For more information about the National Safety Council or how to get involved in National Safety month, visit their website at