by Roeslein Roeslein

As of June 2022, Roeslein & Associates renewable natural gas construction services group will be led by Eric Bauder. The RNG Construction Services group will manage installation, set up equipment, and complete any groundwork needed to prepare the farm to collect the gas, as well as provide on-site support and management 

“The creation of the RNG Construction Services Group will allow us to provide a targeted focus to address the unique challenges we face with the construction of biogas collection and treatment facilities,” said Vice President of Global Construction Steve Figueroa. “Combining the knowledge base of the construction, commissioning, and startup functions of these projects under Eric’s leadership will ultimately deliver faster completions and more cost-effective solutions to our customers.”

Roeslein will manage commissioning efforts, including the electrical installation of set equipment and on-site coordination of vendors for equipment startup. The RNG Construction Services group will also partner with Roeslein’s line control engineering group to complete programming requirements.

“A typical RNG project has about 50% of its cost associated with field installation of digesters, pipelines, and equipment’s scopes,” said Projects Director Mitch May. “The RNG construction services group manages our contractors in the field and ensures we finish projects on time and commission them successfully.  Our construction team successfully executed projects in 5 states over the past year.”

In addition to construction and engineering, Roeslein & Associates will offer maintenance and operations services for RNG sites. After the installation and commissioning, the maintenance group within RNG Construction Services will interface with the customer to operate and maintain the plant.

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