by Roeslein Roeslein

For the canmaking industry, as well as, Roeslein & Associates it has been a year of growth and innovation. Roeslein’s Vice Chairman Dave May and Systems Engineering Director J.C. Harrison were able to speak on both subjects at the Canmaker Summit and Asia Cantech, two of the industry’s largest tradeshows.

As a keynote speaker at the Canmaker Summit, Dave May addressed the role of sustainability and growth within the industry and how it shapes the industry’s future. For companies looking to reduce their carbon footprint, adhere to new government regulations, and follow consumer trends for less plastic, metal packaging is a frontrunner in a list of solutions. From capitalizing on these growing demands to the ample possibilities of new markets brought by new products and innovation, May left his peers with a positive outlook on the industry’s present opportunities and motives as to why the global metal packing industry should take lead when going after these opportunities.

J.C Harrison, spoke as a panel expert at Asia Cantech’s candid forum in Bangkok, Thailand. Harrison spoke of the metal container industry’s advantages over others to lead the way in environmental sustainability. To fully realize the benefits of this advantage, he pointed out the need for consistency in both educational institutions and public events. Current early education curriculums are doing a good job of teaching children the harm plastics pose on the environment. However, inconsistencies are quickly noticed. For example, when children go from the class room to the lunch room, a majority of their utensils, drinking containers and other containers are still single serve plastic. Harrison truly believes that proper early childhood education in the benefits of metal containers, followed by consistency in general everyday living, will help shape the future where plastics become the last choice.

Dave May at the Canmaker Summit

J.C. Harrison at Asia Cantech

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