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During the pandemic, the container manufacturing industry saw skyrocketing sales. Consumers were spending, increasing the demand for production and the types of products in creation. The market was forced to continue to diversify with size changes as consumers preferred sleek cans to transitional cans. Additionally, many customers were requesting greenfield facilities, line additions, facility expansions, and line speed-ups. “The demand for aluminum beverage cans was reaching unprecedented levels. We have been working the past five years toward our strategic growth plan to ensure that we are able to continue to keep pace and provide world-class services and products to our customers,” said Brian Sneed, President & COO of Roeslein & Associates, Inc., parent company to Pride Conveyance Systems. These measures have included expanding its regional footprint, increasing its manufacturing space, and continuously recruiting top talent in professional services.

As the pandemic slowed, inflation rates took a turn, and businesses worldwide rescaled their capital spending. As 2023 has taken off, the container manufacturing industry as a whole is more focused on process improvements, technology updates, and product enhancements.

While working to keep pace over the last few years, Pride Conveyance Systems was also working on a variety of research and development. Known to many as the global standard for conveyance systems, Pride continues to push forward training fabrication teams across Roeslein’s global operations. Customers can now expect to receive the same standard conveyance from Red Bud, Illinois, USA; Michigan City, Indiana, USA; São Paulo, Brazil; Dębno, Poland; or Shanghai, China as they’d receive from the Hollister, California, USA conveyance headquarters.

Furthermore, when looking at the future of conveyance, Pride Conveyance Systems has released three updates to its technology offerings and premiered six new items to its product lineup.


  • Decorator Infeed
    Generation 6 Air Doubling Box with improvements

    • 2,200 cans per minute running light weight cans with great can quality and performance efficiency
    • Less sensitive to startup and fine tunning
    • Wider operating range in both settings and can quality
    • Improved performance for standard-weight cans
    • Easy to retrofit into existing infeeds
  • Cup Accumulation Table
    • Resigned to be industry-leading against the competition
    • Adopted to be the new standard model
    • Not sensitive to tall skinny cans
    • Increased radius for added can stability on larger containers
  • Washer Infeed
    • Standardized a nominal width base based on customer needs
    • Eliminated adjustable rails on the air table portion
    • Optimized top cover design for air flow, eliminating voids


  • Can Separator for Vision Inspection
    • Adjustable to create any can gap desired
    • Easy to adjust and maintain
    • Can run any can size
    • Can be retrofit into any existing systems
  • 3D Printed Gravity Twist
    • Light weight change part
    • Exact repeatability
    • Uses standard half-round plastic as a wear part
    • Increased production capabilities
  • Wet Can Inverted C
    • Competitive technology to become industry-leading
    • Adopted to be the new standard model
    • Not sensitive to tall skinny cans
    • Increased radius for added can stability on larger containers
  • Washer Exit
    • Vacuum transfer off washer oven belt
    • Eliminates transfer issues
    • Eliminates down cans from washer oven
    • Reduces air and top covers in this area
    • Offers more accumulation between washer exit and UVBC
  • Can Grabber
    • Simple point-of-use sample can extraction for inspection
    • Can accommodate multiple can sizes
    • Can be installed along any area of mechanical conveyor
    • No impact on normal can flow
    • Simple frequency programming
  • Spiral Control Logic
    • Major simplification of controls
    • Eliminates most control components
    • Reduced coding from 350 lines to 30 for easier updates
    • Smaller panel needed for access due to most components simplified
    • Operates just like a conveyor
    • Friction-driven based to eliminate issues with direct drive belt
    • Over 8 successful installations in the last year
    • Simple maintenance for a facility

Those interested in learning more about Pride’s updates in technology or new product offerings can view its supplemental product brochure or contact Customers can expect to see more materials on these products at the upcoming industry tradeshows throughout 2023.

Pride Conveyance Systems was founded in 1990 and became a Roeslein company in 2017. Roeslein & Associates was founded in 1990 and is a turnkey solution provider with over 32 years of industry-leading experience, starting in the canmaking sector and expanding its footprint through the industrial manufacturing, oil & gas, and renewable energy markets. With over 650 million in annual revenue, Roeslein is regionally situated to provide a prefabricated and preassembled project approach for any industry. Its 1400+ employees are spread across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. To find out more, please visit